Fossil Q Connected Accessories
In 2015, after identifying a strong market opportunity to pair their master watchmaking craft with new and emerging technologies, Fossil decided to enter the world of smartwatches. They came to R/GA to make it happen. After nearly a year of market research, product development, design and testing, what emerged was Fossil Q– a suite of devices (Android powered smartwatches, hybrid non-display smartwatches, and smart ‘bracelets’) that were quite unlike anything else on the market.

As the lead visual designer I helped define the product feature set (physical and digital), established the look and feel, and executed the visual design of the partner application. In all, the product has 3 primary functions: activity tracking, curiosity tracking and filtered notifications.
Senior Designer
R/GA New York
Erin Kim, Chelsea Garber, Pablo Honey
The work
Product design
First and foremost, Fossil Q is an activity tracker. Because Fossil customers were not your average fitness tracker user, we knew it was important to make the interface as simple as possible. We distilled it down to only what was absolutely necessary, resulting in a clear, usable, and minimal interface.
Fossil Q makes it easy for a user to receive smartphone notifications on their wrist. And by giving the option to select only notifications that really matter, it helps cut down unnecessary distractions.

A user selects which notifications (contacts) are most important to them and assigns each a color and haptic vibration pattern. Once it’s set-up, if a user’s significant other (Liz) texts them, their watch might light up purple and buzz 3 times, letting them know they need to respond. If it’s a Facebook notification their watch might light up blue and only buzz once, and if it’s their mom maybe nothing happens at all.
Activity trackers take themselves very seriously. A look around the fitness landscape reveals a sea of slick black and white devices. Bar graphs and calorie counters. Motivational prompts robotically urging you to beat your best day.

We came at it from a different angle. Fossil is a fun brand. Quirky. Irreverent. We made sure Fossil Q channeled this personality. We introduced a new feature that tracks a user’s curiosity by prompting them every day to complete a simple creative challenge. When it launched, Fossil Q was without a doubt the most seriously unserious activity tracker ever released.